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Sunday Braemar Bus Service from 21st April 2019

A huge effort has been made into saving the Braemar/Ballater Sunday bus service.  Recent petitions asked for a year's delay so that the impact of the huge investment in Braemar could be measured on the bus service - well we have until the end of September to prove we need it, when the use and demand will be assessed.

This is only temporary so please 'Use it or loose it'

Stagecoach operated Sunday service will still operate the

201 at 07:50 Aberdeen to Ballater


201 at 22:45 Aberdeen to Ballater

All other Sunday services between Ballater and Braemar will continue by means of a shuttle bus, which will run throughout this summer until the end of September

The Timetable may differ from that published - Stagecoach will provide details on their web site and on their buses, whilst the Council will provide information at bus stops, in advance of implementation

Please note changes to Recycling Points and Waste facilities

There is now Wifi throughout the Victoria and Albert Halls. The password is - Ballater.
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