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Where does the data come from?

  • The flow data presented here is publicly accessible from SEPA website 

  • It is downloaded via periodically by members of FIG, and published here

  • It is published here for information only

How to read the data?

  • The flow rates are expressed in cubic meters per second "cumecs" m3/s. This is displayed on the vertical axis. The dates are displayed on the horizontal axis.

  • The 3 gauges are located on the map below. They are the Polhollick gauge, on the river Dee, the Gairn gauge, on the river Gairn, and the Muick gauge, on the river Muick.

  • The Sum is the sum of the three flow rates, and therefore represents the flow rate in the river Dee where it meets the river Muick.

More photos and graphs of previous flood events and some general info will be published soon...

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